“I have just bought a snuffle mat for my new rescue who is an English Springer x and totally led by his nose. I chose a medium which is big enough to put a meal of dried food in. Bobby absolutely loved it and will now be having his evening meal in it daily. The customer service from Angela was first class and the mat is very well made and robust. I looked at a number of suppliers but it would be hard to beat Angela on customer service, price and quality of the mat. Highly recommended!”

“I wanted a snuffle mat and tug toy for our beautiful foster boy to take with him to his forever home, but couldn’t wait for them to be made. I messaged late afternoon, was sent pictures of all of the mats etc that were available, and my order was sent to me the same day! Thank you so much for turning it around so quickly for me. Hugely appreciated, and hopefully he’s still enjoying them as much as he did when he was here”

“Our two spaniels love their snuffle mat and fleece rope toys from Angela. They’re very durable and well-made, I would definitely recommend the snuffle mats for dogs that gobble their food, it makes mealtimes much more rewarding as they have to use their nose. And the fleece ropes are great for tuggy games, much better than the traditional ropes that my dogs love to rip to shreds”

“What can I say! Extremely helpful, quick turn around, dogs absolutely love the snuffle mat and well worth every single penny! I originally wanted one for my hyper spaniel that’s on 14 weeks cage rest due to a major op, most things he was getting bored with (only 4 weeks in post op) my physio lady highly recommended fur the love of toys and she was right! Excellent customer service & product 🙂but my other dogs also seem to be enjoying the new toy so looks like more will be on order soon x”

“Our puppy Winnie was lucky enough to win a snuffle mat and rope and she absolutely loves them! She is a springer spaniel so is always nose down snuffling about and the mat puts her skills to the test, it really makes her think and work for some tasty treats. The rope has gone down a storm, she has not stopped playing with it and brings it to us to ask us to play. We highly recommend Angela’s brilliant products, Winnie says thank you!”

“I bought a large find it mat and two travel ones for my staffy cross, Chihouha and Pomeranian cross shitzu. I had to fight then to open them, fight them to let me hide the treats and then fight them to pick them up. So I think they got the paws of approval. The best activity I got for my boy and will be a daily activity for him.
I will be back x”

“Angela is amazing & the tuggies perfect. I ordered 3 different braided tuggies, including one with a loop handle, on Friday. Custom made over the weekend, posted on Monday & signed-for delivery Wednesday. Angela knew just what I wanted, kept in touch with photos the whole time and I could not be happier with her kind, friendly service. Thoroughly recommend her. The final seal of approval though is from my two German Shepherds – they love their new, strong tugs!”

“Angela has given Harley a new lease of life and he is very happy in his new home and very happy together and she is very dedicated to the work she does raising money towards her charity in order for more people to save dogs like Harley and give them a loving home and to save them from dying. The dog mats and toys she makes are well presented and she takes great care and pride in the work she does We are proud of her.”

“I was impressed with the quality of the fleece feast feeder mat, it certainly kept my dogs entertained. It’s so plush and packed with nooks and crannies to hide treats in, a great way to get a dog interested in scent work too. One mine liked it so much she ran off with it, much to the disappointment of my other dog!”

“I had never heard of nor seen these snuffle mats before recently. I contacted Angela with the colours I wanted. She went above and beyond with her exceptional customer service, and stayed in contact throughout the whole process. From ordering the colours, to sending updates of photos of the half made mat, to letting me know when it would be ready, Contacted me when it was ready to post. What an absolutely brilliant company! Thank you so much Angela! All the kitties are going to love it, but Montague Blue especially I feel”

“Angela made a large snuffle mat for my boys and they love it. It’s extremely well made, durable and very good quality and I can tell it will last. It’s far superior to the flimsy stuff off eBay that falls apart that I’ve had before. My boys are quite big and can really have fun rummaging for hidden treats with this.”

“I cannot begin to tell you how happy my Border Collie is with his new rope & snuffle mat Best part about it, a donation goes to dog rescue which every animal business should! I’m so glad I found your page & I will let all my friends know about it. I’ll definitely be back for doggy gifts Thank you”