Feast Fleece Mats

Feast Fleece Mats

What are they?
Our Feast Fleece Mat range are enrichment feeding mats ideal for meal or treat time and encouraging your pet to use their brains and their natural ‘sniffing’ instinct to find the food! Bury your pets food or favourite treats amongst the fleece pieces and watch them forage! They can be used as a slow feeding aid at meal times (will double the time your pet takes to eat their food from a regular bowl), as a way to make your pets work for the treats at treat time, as a training or distraction aid or just for fun!

Who are they for?
They are ideal for most animals with a natural foraging instinct Dogs, Cats, Hedgehogs, Rabbits and Rodents to name a few.

What are they made from?
The mats are made with the highest quality materials a thick rubber base with anti pil fleece. The base rubber mats are thick, weighty and durable and the fleece is super soft known for its use in human clothing and does not fray so is safe for dogs and wont harm their noses or gums (like cotton thread would)

How do I Clean Them?
The mats are all machine safe! Pop the mat in a pillow case and the wash on a delicate cold cycle and leave to air dry.

I have a destructive dog – are they indestructible?
No toys are indestructible but every toy is safe and suitable for your pet if they are trained to use it, we can provide details on introducing your pet to the mats. For all dogs (destructive ones in particular) your dog should always be supervised with our toys.

What do I put in the mat?
You can put any of your pets usual dry food or treats.