Feast Fleece Balls

Feast Fleece Balls

What are they?
Our Feast Fleece Ball range are an exciting new way to feed your dogs/cats meals or treats. Insert treats into the ball itself and watch your pet roll it around to get the treats to drop out! They are for more scent driven active dogs and cats and are the level up from our Feast Fleece Mat range. They come in 2 sizes so are suitable for all breeds. They are nice and soft so they won't damage floors or furniture or make loud noises while your pet plays.

Who are they for?
They are ideal for  all breeds of dogs & cats.

What are they made from?
The balls are made with the highest quality materials  and have a durable rubber insert with anti pil fleece attached on the outside. The fleece is super soft known for its use in fleece human clothing and does not fray so is safe for dogs and they won't harm their noses or gums (like cotton thread or felt would)

How do I Clean Them?
The balls are machine safe! Pop the in a pillow case and the wash on a delicate cold cycle and leave to air dry.

I have a destructive dog – are they indestructible?
No toys are indestructible but every toy is safe and suitable for your pet if they are trained to use it, we can provide details on introducing your pet to the toys. For all dogs (destructive ones in particular) please ensure they are always supervised.

What do I put in the ball?
You can out any of your pets usual dry food or treats.