Smart Choice Suction Lickmats


The Smart Choice Lick Treat Mat is ideal for both Cats & Dogs, making treat time into a fun & stimulation game.

By allowing your pet to repetitively lick the mat this helps to calm and sooth them. With suction cups on the underside this can also be used when grooming / bathing by sticking to a tiled area or bath surface.

A fabulous boredom buster for your pet, excellent alternative to a slow feeder bowl and helps to reduce boredom and anxiety. Can be used for treats or for feeding existing meal times.. be as inventive as you like. Works well with wet/raw dog food, yoghurt, dog friendly peanut butter, mashed fruit and veg, mashed eggs to name just a few.

Note this is NOT a toy and your pet should be supervised during usage – at the first sign of chewng please remove from dogs use and carry out training on how they should use the mats.

Comes in Blue,  Green & Orange

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