Tug Rings

Tug Rings

What are they?
Our Tug Ring range are a circular shaped  rope like toy that are soft enough so your dog can get a hold of the rope but not so hard that they damage their teeth. Playing tug of war encourages building on human /dog interaction and can also provide a great outlet for your dogs natural canine instinct to pull things with their jaw.

Who are they for?
Tug Rings are designed for dogs.

What are they made from?
The Rings are made from braided anti pil fleece. Non fray so safe for your dogs.

How do I Clean Them?
Tug Rings are machine safe! Pop in the machine on a delicate cold cycle and leave to air dry.

I have a destructive dog – are they indestructible?
No toys are indestructible but every toy is safe and suitable for your pet if they are trained to use it. You must ensure the correct size is chosen for your breed and their jaw size, for example a large ring would be unsuitable for a Chihuahua. For all dogs (destructive ones in particular) your pet should always be supervised with our toys.