My name is Angela and along with my two dogs, Harley & Zola, we are the trio that make up Fur the Love of Toys!

I rescued Harley from a great charity called Exclusively Mongrels, in Singapore, in August 2016. Harley was just 7 months old. In 2017 Harley and I returned to my hometown in Essex (from Singapore) to start a new adventure in (a very cold) UK. I began making enrichment toys for Harley and eventually progressed to making my hobby a small business. Zola joined us in May 2019 and we became 3!

We have a wide range of pet toys and accessories that are handmade by me. We also stock some other brands that we feel are a fabulous addition to aid your pets development and make them look fab! Everything we sell has been fully tried and tested on Harley & Zola.

Enrichment is critical to your pets development so all of our toys are made to enrich your pets daily life or to encourage human interaction. If you are looking for a toy that you can give to your pet to leave them to their own devices with then we are probably not the shop for you. Our ethos is very much to stimulate your pets brain and help you to develop a bond with your pet through play and interaction so most of our range is designed for you to use with your pet or to get the cogs turning in their brains!

We have an amazing selection of toys and accessories that are made to your colour and size specifications. If you don't see what you are after on the page then pop us an email and we will do our best to help!

Our ever popular Fleece Feast range although inspired by dogs, can also be used with cats, hedgehogs,  rabbits and pretty much any 4 legged animals! So we aren't just about dogs!

I ask that all customers give some background on their pets when ordering,  so that we can make sure you get the best item for your pets needs - plus its great to know who you are making for! I cant wait to make something for your fur baby so get in touch.

You can also find us on Facebook & Instagram where you will see lots of works in progress and great customer feedback



We are passionate about supporting rescues and every year we donate 10% of all website sales profits to a different rescue this year our chosen charity is one close to our hearts AA Dog Rescue. We chose this rescue this year as it was the saviour of one of our lovely clients Poppy. (www.aadogrescue.org.uk)

Previous Rescues we Have helped

2019 - Hope for Cats Rescue & Orphan Annies Cat Rescue

2018 - Exclusively Mongrels

We look forward to making some great things for you and your pets!

Angela, Harley & Zola xx